The bakery offers free bread to the dancers and the customers feast

The owners of the bakery Tutto Pane, located in Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, will give their customers bread on one condition: to enter the dance.

It was by his account instagram There they announced the offer on July 15: “This week we turned rainy days into cool ones. Thank you to everyone who puts their good vibes in the bakery. We will continue to have fun with you.”

You can see how customers entered the recording and immediately took their best dance steps, some salsa, others reggaeton and some improvised something. Age didn’t matter as the young, old and old marched through the trade.

A week later, they shared a second video in which they showed their customers polishing the bakery, and at one point seven people can be seen dancing at the same time, which looks like a real party.

“Part two of our customers is making a lot of noise in it. Thank you all for your messages, we received a lot of love from all provinces, we have reached other countries and are happy to know that we have made many people smile,” they wrote in the post.

They concluded: “Keep up the joy, dancing and love everyone. We are waiting for you at Tuto Pan and will inform you about our next projects soon.

Local media Infosky Candela interviewed Oliveira, a partner of one of the business owners and responsible for their social networks. He said the idea came when he made a video of a cafe in the US with coffee, but they replicated it with croissants, a classic bread in Argentina, which he commented helped a little. The country is living in a complicated economic situation.

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On how her clients took to the idea, she said: “They responded well, they took a lot with the idea, the ones who came dressed up, the wigs, another one who came with their music, their speaker. There was great joy.”

They achieved their goal since he said: “Many more came to drink and dance. They take gift croissants for breakfast and snack and leave smiling. That’s great,” he said.

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