Apple has officially announced its new smartphones

A new post confirms the model number of the iPhone 15, one of the last products for the September event.

The iPhone 15 has already been officially registered

We’re already closer to the month than any fan of Apple and technology in general would expect: September. It is already an open secret that Apple will have its biggest presentation event yet, and we already have signs that it is gearing up to launch its new smartphones and other devices.

For now, we know that Apple will launch its new iPhone 15, which will now be manufactured in India. In fact, there are already official records The model number of the new generation iPhone in the EastThen we provide you all the details about the maximum event.

iPhone 15: Its registration number looks official

The latest details of the September maximum event begin. Apple should finish with the last updates of its releases including registration of new models. As mentioned MySmartPriceCupertino has already registered a new model with the Indian authorities:

An “Apple smartphone with model number A3094” appeared in the Bureau of Indian Standards database this week. While the listing itself doesn’t confirm which device it is, the unused “Apple smartphone” appearing this time of year could represent one of the iPhone 15 models.

iPhone 15 products

A new listing can confirm the iPhone 15’s model number

This news has also been confirmed by a recognized media outlet in the Apple world 9to5Mac. They mentioned that Apple’s number is valid and the company is starting to prepare all its infrastructure for the upcoming September event.

This comes exactly a year after an unused “Apple smartphone” appeared in the same Indian regulatory database before the iPhone 14 was launched last year. That model became the standard iPhone 14, and the regulatory database was eventually updated to include the iPhone 14 range.

truly, In one of the betas of iOS 16, model number A3094 is listed as compatibleIn addition to the new AirPods case code, we’re assuming some new wireless headphones will be presented at the September event, or at least a rumored new version with a USB-C input.

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What will the new supply of iPhone look like?

The past 2 years have been tough for Apple in terms of supply.. Between labor problems and the pandemic, Apple has been unable to fully fulfill orders for new iPhones for the Christmas season.

Both sources indicate that there will also be changes in Apple’s distribution, as the models will now be shipped from India and China:

Just today, an independent report revealed that Apple has started production of the iPhone 15 in India, joining the ongoing production in China. Apple’s goal is to ship iPhone 15 models from India and China at the same time this year, though it’s not yet clear whether it will achieve that goal this year.

Apple is gearing up for its star launches in September. The iPhone 15, a new Apple Watch and more devices could be featured. We invite you to keep reading the web for the latest news about September, the month of Apple.

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