That is state terrorism. The difference between Hitler 1933-34 and Trump 2021 is that Trump does not have the support of the military and the elite.

Christian Duterte commented to DGP 24 when Joe Biden became President of the United States, but hundreds of Trump supporters have entered the Capitol and are almost overthrowing democracy as the world’s greatest power. “He wants to turn America into Reich for a thousand years,” the journalist says.

Christian Tudor Bobesku: I said it, I said it again and again until it hurt my head, this person, Trump, who can do anything, he will seek any way to defend his power, it is happening now. Looking at the pictures, I have the feeling of a bad series.

It was in that speech at the rally a few hours ago, that the state-level terrorism, led and initiated by the U.S. president, came to his speech, asking his supporters to come and intervene. After the Civil War, it was the worst blow to the American state of America’s idea. Because it comes from within the United States, not from outside.


What do these people want? Suppose he succeeds in their endeavor. What does the victory of those who now occupy the Capitol mean? Means the establishment of dictatorship in the United States. This means turning the United States into North Korea as hereditary dictators with Donald Trump and his family. He is for life and for his descendants. What else do you want if you forcibly discard the results of democratic elections certified by all US government agencies?

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These people simply want to overthrow the democratic American state and replace it with a dictatorship in North Korea, like some African countries. Neither Vladimir Putin nor Xi Jinping, who have been lifelong dictators in their respective countries in Russia and China, have been appointed to their respective positions by the conspiracy. By testing terrorists in the Russian and Chinese parliaments. No! However, they were placed by certain procedures, which were not related to the freedom of choice of the electorate, but at least by certain procedures, by certain institutions.

At the moment, the United States is below Russia and China. From what they see there they go to North Korea.

Donald Trump was able to lie to 70 million people in the United States. He has the support of the people, but unlike Hitler, he does not have the support of the military and the elite. He still holds a swastika on his forehead, but he does not have enough support except for a few Republican senators. Be careful! A few, it’s Dead Cruise and two, three. He does not even have the support of the Republicans.

He has been wanting to turn America into Reich for a thousand years now.

At the twelfth hour of this traitor the only message was: “Get out of there immediately. Go home. Let the democratic process take place in our state “.

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