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Friday, December 2, 2022

It is no secret to anyone Queen Letizia He leads a healthy lifestyle based on good nutrition and sports. In this context, there are no more secrets than perseverance and determination, in the case of our King, the whole world.

On May 11, Queen Letizia Headlining a corporate event in Valencia, she wowed the world in an elegant cut-out style hot pink dress that showed off her toned stomach.

And that’s about it the king In order to stay fit and healthy and not to make your body unconscious with unnecessary and harmful foods, there are some foods that are completely forbidden in the palace of the former journalist.

Although every rule has moments of relaxation, Leticia He had made it clear on previous occasions that sugar was banned in the Prince’s pandal. As revealed by some media, the wife of Spain thanks to a daily program based on good nutrition and sports, therefore, this food is not consumed in the royal house.

As El EspaƱol learned, inside the zarzuela palace is an element different from sugar, but it creates the same flavor in food. Leticia I use erythritol, a fashionable sweetener used by athletes and elites.

This element is extracted directly from the fruit and has a low amount of calories, this way Queen Leticia Ortiz ensuring the well-being of his daughters and Philip VI. On one occasion King Philip forgot his wife’s ban at home and tasted delicious nougat ice cream.

Minute by minute the whole world is in critical voices

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