“Thank you, Honduras, for what you have done for us (…) America is our destination”: Venezuelan immigrant


Thousands Venezuelan immigrantsCubans and other nationalities began to flock to the western part of the country after being transferred by free bus from the Danley municipality of El Paraiso.

A minimum of 150 buses is allowed Honduran land transportation agency (IHTT) to mobilize more than 5,000 migrants.

The route includes a route from Donli to Tatumbla (Francisco Morazán) and then from this point to the Agua Caliente customs office at Ocotepec on the border with Guatemala.

Citizens appreciated the work of the authorities as they allowed the displaced to move forward. Even in the western zone, officials provided them with food, water and medical treatment.

creatures called Human rights They asked the government authorities to provide food, public toilets and free places for the migrants to rest in a dignified manner during their stay. Honduras.

“Immigration is a human right that forces people to leave their country because of social and economic crises. I’m asking for a better deal. Immigrants It will come to the country,” Deputy Minister Guido Egukure said Protection of human rights.

Alice ShackelfordCoordinator of United Nations (UN) indicated that in Honduras, transit migrants recognized that Honduras was a country that respected their rights the most.

“It is important to recognize the solidarity of border communities who have seen an increase in border flows and the recognition of the government and its institutions. We are working with him National Agency for Migration (INM), Health, National Police, Dinaf, Copeco and others,” Shackelford explained.

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In fact, many migrants thanked the Hondurans for the help they were given to pass through the national territory. “Thank you, Honduras, for what you have done for us, in our country Venezuela there is no food, medicine, no work, we have lost our homes, our family, for that we decided to move forward, our goal is to reach America,” one citizen told the media.

Immigrants via Honduras are Cuban, Venezuelan, Haitian, and Ecuadorian, among other Latin American countries. As of last Thursday, 222,259 people had traveled through the country through Honduras, a number that experts predict will increase.

The government has authorized transit units to relocate undocumented migrants due to the massive influx recorded in the east. Photo: AFP / J. Flores

Troges. There is a small group of travelers who don’t choose this journey over the rough route to America by irregular route.

They are migrant children who face various hardships to reach a place where they manifest hope. For the minors, the journey is a canvas of contradictions as they cross turbulent rivers, climb mountains and spend entire days without food or water.

According to records National Agency for Migration (INM), 36,983 boys and girls crossed the country this year 2023, which is 16% of all migrants.

On the migration situation of children, Executive Director DinoffLizeth Coello announced the intervention along with A comprehensive system guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents in Honduras (Sigadenah), to focus on migrant children.

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