They make a spectacular transparent case for the AirPods that is the best thing you will see today

The model was conceived from a repairable design!

This case is the brainchild of hardware prototyper Ken Billonel

Apple inspires developers and manufacturers. As such, it’s increasingly common to find accessories or applications for a company’s products that won’t go unnoticed, for better or worse. One of the latest discoveries An obvious case for AirPodsIt makes a powerful statement.

Hardware prototype creator Ken Billonel’s proposal makes a case for the AirPods Pro. The model was considered from a repairable design Made with 3D printing technology and transparent SLA resin, as part of its efforts to highlight repairability and sustainability issues in modern consumer electronics.

Detachable case for AirPods Pro

Seen in a video shared on YouTube, Pillonel used the Formlabs Form 3+ printer, parts were printed, cleaned with IPA, and dried in compressed air. He then cured the pieces, sanded them several times, and finally cleaned and dried them in hot air to avoid mineral deposits from the water.

To complete the aesthetic, Billonel applied a clear spray varnish to the pieces. The spray turned the areas from opaque to completely transparentIn contrast to the white color of the original model.

With your proposal, Billonel insists on proving that the case can be easily disassembled and repaired. This testing goes hand in hand with encouraging a move towards more sustainable design practices. Although Apple hasn’t been characterized by following this philosophy for years, it’s not something it can claim right now.

last year, Apple introduced a design change on the iPhone 14The rear windshield can be easily replaced, reducing the cost of these repairs.

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A few months ago, in 2022, Apple introduced a self-service repair program and a few days ago it announced that it would join the California copyright law, which was approved in May of this year.

Yes right Pilonel testing shows that there are many possibilities when it comes to designing and manufacturing a product, shows that Apple takes care of many things in its offering. Although the Cupertino native’s results are beyond controversy, they have been implemented in favor of providing users with safer products.

But it cannot be denied that another point of view is always interesting. Will you be using a 3D-printed transparent case or Apple’s classic white case?

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