TeraBox, the cloud storage service that gives you 1 TB of free space

Cloud storage services are an excellent alternative for storing our files when we don’t have enough space on our computer or want to make it available in the cloud to access them from anywhere.

In this sense, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Dropbox They are the most widely used cloud storage services.

everyone of them Can be used for freealthough they also have premium plans, so you can choose the one that best suits your storage needs.

However, if you plan to use this service to host large files or a large number of them in the cloud, as if it were a hard drive, then let us tell you that this will not be enough, given the low storage limit they offer, at least in their free version.

Thus, in the case of MEGA, it only offers 20 GB of space, while Google Drive allows you a maximum storage of 15 GB.

In these cases it is necessary to pay a paid plan that allows you to expansion in storage limit It is offered by any of these options, although this is not something that everyone can afford.

This is where you play Tera Boxa platform that gives you the opportunity to host large files thanks to 1 TB Free Plan.

This is how TeraBox is emerging as a new choice in the cloud hosting services sector, which, in addition to allowing you to store your files in the cloud, offers you applications that can be Installed on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

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Among the most notable features of TeraBox are features Allow playing video files In HD quality from the platform itself, as well as audio files.

In addition, with TeraBox you will not have problems View photos and documents in . format PDF. This cloud storage service also has an option Share your files with third parties.

However, he is Remote charging function What distinguishes TeraBox from other similar services, through which you will have the opportunity Download files directly to a file law Project From HTTPS, Magnet or Torrents links. This way you avoid the need to pre-download it to your hard drive and then transfer it to that platform.

However, despite the advantages of the free version of TeraBox, it has some aspects to consider:

  • Advertising: This is usually seen more in the mobile version than the desktop version.
  • Size and number of uploaded files: TeraBox will allow you to upload as many files as possible 500 files of 4 GB each, While with the premium version each file can be 20 GB.
  • the decision: The maximum display quality for videos is 720 pWhile in the premium version it is 1080p.
  • Deleted files: All those TeraBox deleted files can be recovered from Recycle Bin Within 20 dayswhile for the premium version, the duration is 30 days.

In addition, the free version of TeraBox It does not have an automatic backupas well as no Cloud decompression functionalso Safe job Allows file encryption.

If you decide to purchase the TeraBox premium plan, you can do so for a value 3.99 € per monthwhere you will also get storage space, not 1 but from 2 TB.

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