Celestial Citizenship: Demonstrations are a legitimate space for participation

The demonstrations are scheduled for tomorrow. Photo La Hora / AP

The political organization Citizenship Celeste expressed, within hours of the National Strike called by the 48 Cantons of Totonicapán, in conjunction with the Association of University Students (AEU), as well as other indigenous and social groups, that the demonstrations are a legitimate space for citizen participation and that this spark may be the one that drives a series of changes to rescue the primary purpose of politics in Guatemala.

“The demonstrations are a legitimate space for citizen participation, especially when the people who should represent us fail in their main task: listening to us,” they said in a press release.

Several ancestral and indigenous authorities, as well as social, deputies, businesses, among others, have expressed that they will unite the National Strike, in addition, they have expressed their rejection of the removal of Juan Francisco Sandoval as head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity.

“The streets and squares have allowed us to meet; and thus recognize each other. Understand that we are not alone and that there are many of us who want a Guatemala of opportunities for ourselves and our loved ones ”, they expressed.

In addition, they highlighted that the current crisis demands “unusual efforts” and that it is urgent to rescue the country’s institutions and strengthen the rule of law to ensure access to justice. The same for all citizens. “Now is the time to get out of our comfort zone, to organize and act politically towards a common goal: a better future,” they stressed.

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“Indignation can be the spark that starts our participation, but that it does not end until we have achieved our mission, to rescue the primary purpose of politics: to serve, not to serve,” they pointed out.


The group describes itself on its Facebook page as a group of Guatemalans who have organized to participate in politics and who are in the formation of a center-right party, currently funded through volunteering.

They add that by becoming a Training Committee they will receive low-value funding and that they are looking for the best people to represent them.


Yesterday the 48 cantons of Totonicapán, the Association of University Students of the USAc (AEU) and other indigenous community organizations officially called the national strike for this Thursday, July 29. In addition, representatives of civil society and opposition deputies from Semilla, Winaq, URNG reiterated their support for the initiative to demonstrate peacefully.

They highlighted the importance of citizen participation. Photo José Orozco.

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