Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos: How to manage and free up storage space for your apps?

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Did the low space message appear again? Below we tell you how to manage Google Cloud Storage So you don't run out of space during the most important moments.

Google's email service, Gmail, is one of the most popular and in-demand services in the worldEither because there are those who prefer it over other services or because it provides the possibility of using some useful applications in daily life.

Among them is Drive cloud storagewhich is characterized by allowing documents, photos, and files to be saved, while providing easy access to them from different devices, as well as the ability to share content in simple steps.

Another app from the tech giant is Google PhotosIt is the main tool for viewing and organizing image files.

but, It is important to remember that these services are connected to the same storage space, Its free version only allows use of up to 15 GB.

So depending on your hobbies or what you do, This space can fill up quickly, preventing you from receiving more emails, making backups, or saving new documents.

How to manage Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos?

The first step to follow is to check the space you are actually using. Which can be seen on the Google Storage page, which provides a breakdown of the space used by your Drive, Gmail, and Photos account.

To start a thorough cleaning of your inbox, pYou can start in the Promotions and Social tabs to delete emails.

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If there are important emails that you want to save, You can locate them by searching to filter it.

next to, If you type “Size: 10MB”, you can find large files attached, Which may be of no use and you can get rid of it easily.

Getting rid of spam emails can help tooas long as you remember to empty the trash.

The apps that take up the most storage space in the Google Cloud are Photos and Drive. Because the first allows you to save all types of files inside folders and organize or share them.

This application can be improved by checking the Storage Control Panel Organize files by size, and delete what you no longer need.

while The Photos app manages these photos by dates and folders. Where you can adjust the settings under “Storage Saver”.

This can reduce file sizes, Without losing much quality.

With these simple tips You can take advantage of the storage spacekeeping only the most important things in your Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos accounts.

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