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The Telecommunications Bureau (NET) of the Public Service Regulatory Board (JRSP) has announced that mobile phone service providers in Puerto Rico will gradually phase out their 3G networks from February this year. To that end, there are already companies that have set specific dates to start the conversion process.

William Navas, Chairman of NET, recently issued a warning to users about the removal of 3G networks from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, abbreviated in English).

“Based on the changes announced by the FCC, mobile phone service providers on the island have announced the expiration of the 3G network, which will force consumers with devices that use the technology to make appropriate changes to the service,” the official said.

According to the FCC, mobile carriers will gradually phase out their 3G networks by 2022. Liberty has announced that it will complete the process of shutting down its 3G network on February 22nd, and plans to phase out T-Mobile 2G and 3G networks. , But he has not yet announced a date for the latter.

It was explained that mobile phone service providers are gradually removing 3G networks that relied on older technology to accommodate more advanced service networks. As a result, many 3G cell phones cannot make or receive calls and text messages, and can not use data services. However, the leading mobile service providers on the island have stated that they will be offering service plans for NET at reasonable and competitive prices so that consumers can purchase mobile phones with 4G and 5G technology, thus guaranteeing continuity of services.

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“For more information on plans for mobile phone companies to remove their 3G networks, please contact your service provider directly,” the NET leader stressed. Furthermore, he stressed that the regulatory system should be vigilant so that companies do not lose mobile service to their customers in the process of change.

For these purposes, the Bureau is aware that 3G technology does not work and these companies are in contact with customers to provide available alternatives.

Finally, the bureau will also examine whether federal or state funds will be allocated to help consumers who may be economically disadvantaged by the announced change. Nawaz pointed out.

FCC schemes that offer discounts to consumers

The FCC has a number of plans that can help eligible consumers pay for their phone or Internet service. Among them, the Lifeline plan offers discounts on telephone service for deserving low-income individuals.

In addition, the FCC Internet Discount Program (ACP) offers a monthly discount on broadband Internet service to eligible families in lieu of the Emergency Broadband benefit. For more information about this program, what it includes and if you are eligible, please contact your service provider or visit .

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