Taylor Swift’s bodyguard went viral for singing her songs during a performance

In late June, Taylor Swift was named a security guard Calvin Denger The song went viral after a fan recorded it A cruel summer Behind him the singer-songwriter delivers the show. It took place in Minneapolis (United States) and quickly won the hearts of “Swifties” around the world, reaching almost 3 million views on a video uploaded by TikTok user Alyssa Maloney.

After becoming one of the most famous Taylor Swift fans on the planet, Denker decided to open her TikTok account. How he became Swift’s security officer. Tenker shared that he went on tour five years ago fame Taylor with his then girlfriend (now wife). On that occasion, he spoke to several guards and told them how they used to go to various concerts and sporting events. Tenker thought it was a great idea and soon began experiencing various events at a security company in Minneapolis, but with only one goal: See Taylor Swift live without paying for tickets.

Calvin Denger admits his only purpose in becoming a security guard was to go see Taylor Swift.

Finally, Taylor announced his Eras tour, which will include two shows at the Bank Stadium on June 24 and 25.

He recounted his experience of being a part of his favorite artist’s defense: “When I went to the first night at Awe, all the fans were really loud and Taylor was alone. Because of my job, I wasn’t allowed to go back to the crowd and watch Taylor perform.”Denker shared that despite the limitations, he made sure he was in a privileged position where he could see one of the screens.

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After that first night, Calvin realized that Taylor had passed him too close several times, so for the next night, he decided to send out some small pieces of paper asking members of the public to take pictures of Swift approaching him. One is to take pictures. That’s how Alyssa Maloney made Calvin’s recording a viral hit.

Since he can’t take pictures or turn his back to fans, Calvin hands out pieces of paper for Taylor to take photos with.

“I saw it the next morning and I was so happy it went viral, it was such a fun time.”

After the video in which Denker shared the experience, his followers went up like foam, but in part two of this story, He admitted that he was fired shortly after. This shocked all the “Swifties”.

Calvin explained that the security agency saw the first video of him agreeing to take photos of himself with Taylor, and that was enough to get him fired. “That’s differentThe HR lady who called me couldn’t explain exactly what I had done wrong because I hadn’t done anything beyond asking for photos.This is what happens at any other concert and I made sure they sent me photos of me appearing,” the fan explained.

Denker further contends that she never took a single photo of Taylor Swift, other than doing her job at all times, making sure she was safe and her fans happy. Calvin talks to the woman in HR about trying to get a second chance by deleting the TikTok video, to which the woman replies that she will talk to her supervisors to see what she can do.

Calvin was able to return to work with some conditions at a recent Ed Sheeran show in Minneapolis (REUTERS / Brendan McDermid).

After a month without news, Calvin is back at work at Banks Stadium, now on the show Ed Sheeran, though he had to meet certain conditions. Tenker was moved to another area and was constantly monitored to make sure he wasn’t taking photos, and had to work overtime. But despite everything, he admitted that he is very happy with his job and asked his followers not to send hateful messages to the security company.

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