Tapachula already has more Cuban immigrants than Haitians

The Mexican Commission for Assistance to Refugees (COMAR) has announced that there are now more Cuban immigrants than Haitians in Tapachula, Mexico.

Until several weeks ago it seemed impossible to register. Let’s remember that thousands of Haitians have long stayed in that part of Chiapas state. Their aim was nothing but to travel towards America.

Yumara is one of many Cubans stranded in Tapachula. 14ymedio commented that “no one wants to stay in Mexico”. The young woman has been in the Aztec area for exactly a month and is awaiting additional protection from COMAR.

This “express authorization” means you can stay there until you get an appointment through the CBP One application. Only then can you appear for a political asylum interview in the US.

This weekend, David Perez Tejada Padilla, who is in charge of immigration offices in Baja California, said appointments will increase very soon.

However, so far this prediction has not come true. The reality is that hundreds of illegal immigrants from different countries and continents try to enter the United States through CBP One every day.

Migrant numbers will register records

Mexico’s immigration officials estimate that the number of migrants entering its territory by the end of 2023 will exceed previous figures.

COMAR confirms that the movement of migrants is higher than the figures for 2021. “It’s never been 100,000 at the end of August, so it’s estimated to be over 150,000 by the end of the year.”

Meanwhile, Luis García Villagrán, coordinator of the AC Center for Human Dignity, warned of the arrival of at least 200 thousand migrants. Most of them are in various parts of Central America; Immigrants from Cuba and Venezuela stand out.

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