Tanya Charry and Sebastian Jimenez have a son

Tanya Charry became a mother on March 3, was born at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. It was her husband Sebastian Jimenez who confirmed the news via Instagram.

With a brief message and a tender photo of his hand and his son, the TV producer welcomed the baby: “Welcome to the world Bruno Sebastian Jimenez Charry. 3/3/23.”

Yesterday, on El Gordo y La Flaca, reporter David Valadez reported that Tanya is in the hospital.

On February 28, the Colombian shared on her account of the aforementioned social network that she is passing the 39th week of pregnancy. The baby weighs 7 pounds.

Born in Los Angeles, son of Tanya Charry and Sebastian Jimenez.

debt: Sebastian Jimenez / Instagram

Sweet Waiting by Tanya Sari

Tanya Charry tearfully announced her pregnancy during the September 21, 2022 broadcast of El Gordo y La Flaca.

“I’m expecting a baby”She said excitedly. “It took years because I always wanted to be a mother […] This is the time, and I believe this is the right time Wonderful husband, Zoe (stepdaughter).I have an incredible family that I love with my life and I believe this is the moment,” she said through tears.

Since then, she has been sharing photos of her body transformation with her pregnancy followers and the public.

Tanya Sari’s Pregnancy

debt: Tanya Charry/Instagram

Expression of gender

On November 3, she made contact with El Gordo and La Flaca through her doctor’s office, Steve Rodd, who performed an ultrasound to determine if she was having a boy or a girl.

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After a few minutes, the doctor finally announced I was expecting a boyThe news filled Sari with emotion and Raul de Molina and Lily Estefan who celebrated with her from the set of the show.

Although she did not reveal her son’s name at the time, the Colombian admitted that she likes the names Cristiano and Sebastian, just like her husband.

baby shower

The Colombian admitted to El Gordo y la Flaca that he planned the party for three weeks and that it was themed Teddy Bears.

Additionally, the celebration was “in the building where I lived as a girl and where our love began,” she said in an interview with People en Español.

Tanya and her husband threw the house out the window, and the whole place was decorated with blue balloons and bears, and happy parents sent guests to give them personal gifts, such as scented candles.

Now the wait is over and ‘Baby Jimenez’ is already in the arms of his happy parents.


Tanya Charry and Sebastian Jimenez were on the long tablecloth this weekend with their second baby shower celebration.

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The new mother and her husband threw the house out the window with a party in which they took care of even the smallest details.

debt: Fat and skinny

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Of course, her friends from El Gordo y la Flaca, Lily Estefan and Raul de Molina, couldn’t miss the adorable party.

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But other best friends of the journalist like Carina Banda with her husband Carlos Ponce and Borja Voss were also present.

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Sebastian’s daughter Little Zoe, who has a beautiful relationship with Tanya, said she attended and posed for souvenir photos.

debt: Fat and skinny

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Carlitos accompanied his colleague from El Protectoro and his wife Silvia and their son Sebastian from El Corto y la Flaca.

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This adorable moment with Oscar Petit and Marcela Sarmiento Colombi, who will soon become a first-time mother, is not to be missed.

debt: Fat and skinny


Like Tanya Charry’s first baby shower, her closest friends also attended.

debt: Fat and skinny

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To show off the details of the celebration, this is a party cake with a bear on it.

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Traditional games were also in order. Borja Voces and Oscar Petit dressed as babies in diapers.

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Our beloved collaborator is nearing the end of a happy wait, and at the same time, sweet memories are not lacking.

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