Talia’s mother did not love Fernando Colunga and ended his secret court for this reason.

In the 90s, one of the most remarkable romances in the world of entertainment happened, and it was in between Thalia Y Fernando ColungaBoth young and very talented couldn’t help but fall in love. However, there was a third party to the conflict in their fleeting love story, and that was it Breast of the singer, about whom it is said I don’t want to For the actor as well Period with Engagement of his daughter Secret.

According to some media and with Fernando Colunga was The reason Especially why Breast of Thalia didn’t want to For the actor. Kolunga in an interview with journalist Cristina Saralegui allowed the singer’s mother to be seen as a person of interest, because if she had known the success the actor would achieve, he would not have finished it. Engagement.

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