A tribute to Omar Narbier and a new cinema space at UASD

Professor and director Omar Narbier was honored for his long service record at UASD.

The honoring of eminent film professor Omar Narbier was attended by Minister of Higher Education Dr. Franklin Garcia Fermin. Mariana Vargas Goreliova, General Director of Cinema and Giulio Alberto Melo (July), Director of the School of Film, Television and Photography at UASD.

Omar Narbier, who has come a long way in the classroom at UASD, has been appreciated by his students this way: “He is someone who has clean ideas and is consistent with others, he loves what he does and always fights for what he wants. He believes. He is a good person.”

Another wrote: “Omar Narbier is your highness and a gentleman.”

And a third left this text: “Excellent professor, one of the best in the Faculty of Arts, very dedicated, explains in a way that everyone understands, gives many opportunities, gives a very good grade.”

The tribute took place in the context of the opening of the Cine Parqueo space, on the forecourt of the Aula Magna of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

During the activity, the film “Rafaela” directed by Tito Rodriguez, based on the story of Judith Rodriguez, who is also the heroine of the film, was shown. Also starring in the film are Hony Estrella, Esmaylin Morel, Luinis Olaverría, and Manuel Raposo, among others.

“Rafaella” is a film directed by Tito Rodriguez (La Familia Reina), written by Christian Mojica (Azul Maggia) and produced by Danilo Renoso (La Familia Reina), and tells the story of a young woman from the Caputillo neighborhood of Santo Domingo, the leader of a petty crime gang, who seeks to An increasingly violent world battles for her identity and the chance of a more hopeful future, for herself and her family.

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