Taiwan has rejected the “illegal occupation” of its former embassy in Managua

Estimated by the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, a Announcement this Monday The Daniel Ortega regime’s handing over the domain of its diplomatic headquarters in Managua to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was declared illegal by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

On Sunday night, December 26, the building was officially taken over from Taiwan after press releases were published about Taiwan’s willingness to donate embassies to the Catholic Diocese of Managua. Especially since 2018, the religious body has criticized the Nicaraguan administration for human rights abuses against the people, and they condemned the lack of conditions for holding democratic elections in the elections held last November.

“The Taiwanese government is unacceptable and vehemently opposed to the illegal occupation of its property and its illegal transfer to the People’s Republic of China,” the statement said, calling the Ordega government a “dictatorial regime.” The ban on “token sales” (i.e. donations) to the Catholic Church in Nicaragua was illegal and was signed by both parties on December 22 and announced by local lawyers.

It also reminds us that Nicaragua is a sovereign and independent nation and states that Article 45 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations has an obligation to protect its facilities with its assets and files.

“Against the dictatorial regime of President Ordega and the dictatorial government of China against the democratic Taiwan and the Catholic Church, the Foreign Ministry said that the people of Taiwan were never part of the Republic of China and that the Communist Party of China rule would not interfere in Taiwan’s foreign affairs or inherit Taiwan’s state property. The Foreign Ministry urges the international community to collectively condemn such malicious actions by the Chinese government, and to assist all departments in the fight against their rights in the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, which will be the property of the former embassy, ​​which was registered and transferred to the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, the statement said.

A diplomat, consulted ConfidentialAlthough he does not know of any precedents for the conduct of countries at the termination of relations with Taiwan, he said, “It is clear to him that the People’s Republic of China does not own Taiwan’s property, it is the task of the exit. Respect and they are obligated.

During the rupture of diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the Central American governments under the Oscar-Arias government in Costa Rica (2007) and El Salvador (2017) under the Salvador Sanchez Seren government did not confiscate assets. Taiwan is a state as claimed by the Ortega regime, but they respected Taipei’s right to dissolve its assets.

Compliance with RPCh

On December 10, Ortega decided to recognize the popular China, set aside Taiwan, which had increased its economic support, and increased its economic support, while the Chandinista dictator remained silent about human rights abuses at home. International Community.

Precisely in isolation, Ortega recognizes China and approaches Russia under Vladimir Putin, which, according to analysts, leaves Nicaragua. Weak situation in world geopolitics.

On the other hand, the farewell to Taiwan was marked by a lack of diplomatic respect and abuse on the part of the Nicaraguan regime, which gave Nicaragua two weeks to withdraw its diplomatic staff, which Taiwan described as “inconsistent with international law and ignoring the rules of international law.”

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“Following the unilateral termination of diplomatic relations with Taiwan on December 10, the Nicaraguan government violated international norms that all Taiwanese diplomats and staff should be expelled from Nicaragua by December 23. In these difficult circumstances and extreme time constraints, the RO is responsible for managing the assets of the Taiwanese government abroad.” It sold its offices to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Managua in the public interest. ”

Version of the Attorney General: They protect “the property of others.”

Press release from the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, released by the official media.

The Nicaraguan PGR report came as a surprise on Sunday night, but the document made it clear that, according to the agency, which is under the control of the current regime, China’s popular recognition indicates that all real estate, equipment and media are registering in favor of the state. Nicaragua recognizes.

“Therefore, under our law, there is no room for transactions, transfers or transfers (in these donations), the purpose of which is to show intrigue and intrigue, intrigue and intrigue, only illegal and turbulent.” Legal action will be exposed, “he warned.

So far, the Catholic Church in Managua has not ruled out a banned donation from Taiwan as an institution. Archbishop Cardinal, who was not at his residence this morning, was also unable to obtain a version of Leopoldo Prenes.

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