LeBron James scolded him, and a few minutes later he won the Lakers triple.


The game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks in NBA 2021-22 was defined by a three-man win by a player planned a few minutes ago by LeBron James.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers
© Tom Pennington / Getty ImagesDallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers

He has an NBA personality! Los Angeles Lakers In the 2021-22 season and vs. Dallas Mavericks On Wednesday, December 15, they had to go overtime. Vibrant competition was defined by a player minutes before LeBron James Scolded.

A newcomer to the Los Angeles squad for the 2021-22 season without being selected in the Lakers’ big surprise draft: Austin Reeves, Who has shown from practice that he has the character and personality to act NBA.

Before taking pride in a successful shot against the Mavericks, Reeves conceded a trophy Replied LeBron James Speaking of popular junk (Speak trash to provoke) His turn came to mark it. Austin was not afraid ‘Ray’.

In the game Los Angeles Lakers Against the Dallas Mavericks, LeBron James ordered an attack, and in front of a good score he ran without options and threw a compelling pass that Austin Reeves could not catch. Came the reprimand ‘King’, But the newcomer is not going to get the thorn.

Video: Austin Reeves triple winner against the Lockers. NBA Mavericks 2021-22

There are 0.9 seconds left in the overtime clock, Austin Reeves took the ball and hit a 3-pointer to give the Los Angeles Lakers the win. 107-104 points over the Dallas Mavericks. All of this was planned by LeBron James 23 years and minutes later by a newcomer. He has an NBA personality!

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