Mariotti in PLD: “We are at a time when they are persecuting us, they are besieging us, but it gives us strength”

Santo Domingo, RD.

Charlie Mariotti, general secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), is adamant that the political system has not “stopped or strengthened” despite heavy blows in the hands of the public ministry over past administrative corruption cases. Government Administration.

Including, Mariotti Fellow PLD members are assured that 2022 will be the year of “immigration” and “foundation” To the purple party.

“2022 will be the year of the colleagues’ settlement. Do not be distracted by these voices, do not be discouraged, “he said in an interview with Color Vision Channel 9’s L Desperate on Monday.

When asked about the involvement of former government officials in the indictment, Mariotti insisted that we were ready for anything.

“But we are ready to continue to grow and strengthen ourselves,” he added.

Note from former President of the Republic Danilo Medina, In the case of Antipulbo it is the “sensitive” key to the purple match.

So much so that last Sunday December 19 the political system Came out in support of the former president, “Irresponsibility” and “selection” and “discrimination” on behalf of public ministry attorneys dealing with the case.

When questioned by journalist Rosa Encarnacian about the “change of PLD’s discourse”, Mariotti shouted, “That is not true.”

What the PLD said was that the reference to the President, as it was referred to, was malicious and biased. No one is to blame for the actions of others, ”he said.

The party’s general secretary pointed out that if the public ministry was going to mention a former president in the indictment, they should insert it.

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“If you understand that there is evidence, if there is support, lower the period”, Prediction.

He also confirmed that no one could pretend that the PLD would be buried “on that basis”, but “paid it”.

“Let him that has done it answer before the judgment of men, before the righteousness of God, and before the righteousness of his conscience. On that basis no one can pretend that PLD is going to bury itself., He said.

“Danilo is a strong man”

When questioned about Danilo Madina being mentioned 90 times in the Antipulbo file and the indictment against many of his brothers in this case, Mariotti declared that “Danilo is a man of great strength.”

“I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I talk to the leader of my party, what I see in him, what I feel in him is a strong manI trust the party and work for the party 24 hours a day, ”he said.

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