Syringe talks about the age – people – culture of Ana Lucia Tomanjuas when they are dating

Actress Ana Lucia Dominguez, ‘Passion de Cavilance’ or ‘Who killed Sarah?’

However, a version began to spread on the networks, claiming that their relationship began when he was 13 and 27 years old. Users did not delay in launching a wave of criticism against the comedian, which is said to have caused a relationship Younger.

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Faced with these allegations, ‘Syringe‘He posted a video on his social networks in which he clarified the situation. According to the comedian, he met Ana Lucia Domanju while working at Sabados Felice at Gravy Studios, and he was recording a series on ‘RTI Television’.

At that time, the coordinator of RTI Television invited him to record, where the actress and comedian met. However, according to his reports, their love affair will take place after a long time.

We haven’t dated her since she was 13, and it was so much later. What’s more, Diego Gadavit, the first boyfriend of Ana Lucia Tomanjuas, is not me”, The actor pointed out.

‘Syringe’ promised to talk to Domanjuvez about these rumors. “Ana Lucia is horrified about the situation and she is going to make a clear video,” he said.

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Finally, he confirmed that he did not like being embroiled in controversy and stressed the need to pay close attention to the allegations.

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Recently, the actress made statements about the reasons for her divorce with ‘Syringe’. He commented that he had the opportunity to participate in the soap opera ‘Caracal Television’ and ‘Passion de Cavillions’. Decided to go to Colombia to play ‘Libya Rice’ and ‘Ruth Eurip’; However, today’s comedian ‘Happy Saturdays’ and ‘Around the World in 80s Laughter’Or it worked remotely.


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