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Lacey Evans has not been seen since her loss to Zelna Vega on July 7 on WWE SmackDown. Now, that’s no longer a problem because the WWE Lady is apparently out.

Lacey Evans (real name Macy Estrella) recently updated her social media to “Limitless Macy”. He made a post on X that led many to believe he was waiting for his contract. He dropped another big hint that he was leaving the WWE.

Lacey Evans took to Instagram to clarify that Macy is going to be Estrella at midnight. Apparently, his WWE contract is up.

When the clock strikes 12, you’ll call me Macy’s Star from now on… Oh, and this jacket is lined. Will be in search

Lacey Evans also included a great photo with her post. Obviously, her exit from WWE will disappoint all her fans, but they might see her soon.

when Lacey Evans started using a role As with Sergeant Slaughter, things don’t really go smoothly. talk, and his daughter As Lacey Evans was dragged away, the WWE Lady responded several times.

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