I invite you to attend the art workshop “Espacio Decorativo” to learn the techniques of decorative painting and recycling of jars or cans

Recycling is an environmentally friendly proposition, since proposals that have fulfilled the mission of preserving certain foods or beverages, It can be given another function and not just thrown in the trash, it can be a way to give life to these containers again through decorative painting, Because with the artistic renewal, glass or tin jars can be reused so that they have new functions.

visual and decorative artist, Vanessa Cedad, co-host of En + (positive) to Encouraging forms of recycling and inviting all those interested to their artistic spaceWhere he teaches how to paint on surfaces, whether glass, cloth or wood, and give them a new chance or give them to someone else.

“What I aim for with my workshops is not for people to just go painting, but I want it to be a space for women, where they can relax with aromatherapy, and art with coffee or a mate.”

In the decoration space workshop, All levels can be started, from people who have never used a brush to advanced levelBecause there is always something to learn.

Similarly, artist Cedad stated that women who start the workshop without knowing are currently selling their paintings “because theyThis offer has a business opportunity in addition to being a hobby » He added that although painting can be an expensive hobby, it is a long-term investment as a person can learn and sell their work.

Doctors, dentists and secretaries participate in the workshop: “They are women from different professions who join the space because they feel that art has been left to them as an outstanding matter.”

Artistic Renewal: Invitation to the Artistic Workshop

On the other hand, in the program The decorative drawing teacher commented that her inclination for art comes from her young age And also because he grew up in a family full of professional artists in various fields. Cidade is the niece of Mandove Pedrozo, the famous painter of the province which mostly used Chinese ink technique, but also used oil and watercolor techniques.

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next to She is the niece of Vicente CidadeViolinist and one of the most influential composers in the culture of the province Ramon Ayala (Ramon Gumercindo Cidade) The distinguished singer-songwriter of more than 300 works, among which we can remember “Posadena Linda”, “El Menso”, “El Rio Vuelve”, “Mi Pequeño Amor” and others.

In this way, the guest commented, she started in the art world at the age of seven while painting on canvas, then came to the capital for Bernardo Neumann in oil and later devoted herself to the decorative painting of all that is recycled. . Those interested in participating in your workshop should contact 3764-648600 or through instagram they can search for it as @espaciodeco_pss

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