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The rivalry between the protagonist and the adversary in a soap opera can sometimes transcend real life or be confused by an emotional audience. There is a lot of talk that there is a feud between, inside and out, over “tomorrow is forever” And Sylvia Navarro. The translator of “Electricidat” came forward to tell her the truth.

More info: Lucero told the story behind the villain ‘Barbara Greco’ of “Tomorrow Forever”.

Lucero talks about his relationship with Sylvia Navarro.Tomorrow is forever”, In an interview reviewed on the Excelsior California portal. His claims contradict the relationship of the characters.

“A great relationship was achieved between all the actors, but in particular, I want to continue to visit Sylvia because she’s a chick, except she’s sensible, because what are you going to say? I told her.”Said Mizares’ ex-wife.

Actress, in which she played the badly Barbara Greco ”Tomorrow is forever“The protagonist Sylvia Navarro commented that she is attentive to herself at all times and that she has the most fantastic details.

“Suddenly I commented that I had an injury, and the next day Sylvia came with arnica cream. My skin felt half dry, and then I would come in with the most expensive masks, without charging me anything. On another occasion she gave me some cool shoes.”Lucero commented.

“She’s a really nice man. She always had good comments about me. It’s very appreciated, because sometimes you do not say it out of jealousy, but she’s very confident about herself. We know she’s a good actress. We have no problem at all.”, The actress clarified.

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Sylvia Navarro shares photos with a woman who is her new partner. (Photo: ilsilvianavarroyya)

What is Lucero’s relationship with other actors?

Lucero spoke about his relationship with Delanovela Fernando Kolunga, a leading man, and his commitment and experience in front of the cameras, as well as the good work he has done.

“I think it’s never too late for Fernando’s to be late for anything in life or to know his exact nature.The actress and singer commented.

He told of Ariadne Theas, who played his daughter Aurora “There was great chemistry, it was always divine with me, I was so eager to learn and grow, it was so valuable among young people starting out.”.

He also stressed that “Rogelio Guerrero, Maria Rojo and Carlos de la Motta are impressive”, But that Sergio Sentel “Somewhat Hermetic and Excluded” But an actor “Very professional”.

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