Chigwis Rivera: Sapo throws himself against the “dignity” of the singer from Sinaloa

Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image After a short video she gives something to talk about on social media, in which she shows off her bar in a bathing suit while promoting a product Cellulitis.

The singer posed sexy on the edge of a pool and wrote a message about the cellulite problem that many women experience:

“I like so many women who suffer from cellulite on my legs and buttocks … that’s why it’s so important for me to not only help but also create a product for other women who share this dilemma. Especially on these hot days, we all like to walk around in little clothes or bikinis.” It says.

Apparently, many Netizens were outraged and embarrassed by the release of Chick-fil-A, one of whom was El Chapo de Sinaloa. On his Instagram account, he posted a video of Rivera expressing his dissatisfaction with the deleted message a few minutes later.

“I can not resist exposing myself to the behavior of women who want to attract attention **, do they have a scary face? What shame, embarrassment, where are you, women? How to respect them.

Following the musician’s message, Many women have come to the rescue of Sikhs, Among them was regional singer Helen Ochoa-Santos, who described El Chapo’s claims as a luxury and misconception, and promised that it had nothing to do with the way a woman dresses or shows off her body.

Sequis shared Helen’s comments, which ended in a release he looked back on, and went with him to the musical theme of his late mother Jenny Rivera’s “Ovarios”.

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