Swimmers take action on Ana Guevara’s statements

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Luis Jimenez, a lawyer for the group of artistic swimmers, indicated that action would be taken on the statements made by the Conade director.

Statements that Ana Guevara Around the support request of the group’s athletes Synchronized swimming And repeated by the director Conehave legal consequences.

The group’s lawyer said this SwimmersLuis JimĂ©nez, “In the light of public opinion, the rights against them have been clearly and flagrantly violated.”

Legal action will be taken against those reports.

Due to the human rights issue, the group of artistic swimmers will proceed legally before the statements of the Conade director.imago7

It should be remembered that Ana Guevara When he discovered that the swimmers had made some sales to pay for their trips, he declared: “For me, let them sell underwear, bathing suits, Avon or Tupperware, but they and their coaches are debtors. We have given them 40 million pesos. And they are not justified”.

Then, its owner Cone He reiterated his position: “Let’s see, it’s a matter of definitions; I would ask: How am I going to give you a bathing suit? Bathing trunks or bathing suits, it’s the same thing. If they conflict with the trunks, let them go. They have to take it off, but I want them to wear underwear. They didn’t send to sell, they started selling underwear; the only thing I said is they want to keep selling.”

This Tuesday, a federal administrative judge ordered Ana Guevara Already Cone Withdraw financial aid Artistic swimmingAmong these, according to the scholarship awarded and its director count, The aquatic sectors were canceled last February, after disagreements had already arisen with the Stabilization Committee. Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN).

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There are 16 people; Among them were swimmers and two coaches who benefited after a judge’s decision

The case that led to the ruling stems from a legal appeal filed by artistic swimming members in early May ahead of their trip to the World Cup in Egypt, and ultimately, Mexican swimmers The team won the gold medal.

For his part, Art is a swimmer Nuria DeostatoCaution is preferred around the case.

He pointed out Deostato For this portal, athletes train and prepare for the next Central American Games.

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