Officials investigate Sinaloa police after airing video of prisoner being tortured with board | News from Mexico

MAZATLÁN, Sinaloa.- The mayor of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Edgar Augusto González Zatarain, announced An investigation is underway to determine whether guards are using the desks as a form of punishment or torturing inmates during their patrols.. It arises from this A video circulating on social media shows an agent removing a piece of wood while arresting a motorcyclist who had hit another agent..

The mayor pointed out that the investigation is being conducted independently of the investigation that has already been opened Some members of the Secretary of Public Security are involved with gangs who are looting shops and houses in the port..

Recently, he announced the arrest of 6 members of a gang who robbed a pawn shop with the support of the State Preventive Police. One of the accused criminals became an active member of the police force.

The mayor noted that it was reported last weekend The security forces arrested the motorcycle rider who was not wearing a safety helmet, the same thing as punching an agent in the face. Among the elements that came to support the victim, one of them took a sign from the patrol car and recorded it.

According to the information section, The person who allegedly assaulted the uniformed man fled the scene and took shelter in a nearby houseHowever, without any damage, images of the captured events were posted on social networks.

An investigation is underway to clarify the facts

González Zadaráin said the internal affairs of the Ministry of Public Security are open to investigation Determine whether agents carry any type of wood on their patrols to punish or torture prisoners..

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In April, a video was circulated through social networks in which a municipal police officer from Esquinaba married young Gilberto Octavio Rojas Hernandez to patrol number 3519. whom he hit on the buttock with a board and threatened him never to appear at the farm again.

EL IMPARTIAL warns that the following content shows strong images of events, so discretion is advised.

After watching the video, the youth’s mother learned the facts. His missing son is one year old, for which he filed a complaint. The young man appeared weeks after the images were transmitted safely and soundly at Villa Union Union in the municipality of Mazatlán.

In the revealed images, you can see A young man, handcuffed while standing in the structure of a patrol car bearing number 3519, was hit on the buttocks by a police officer.warns him that he must leave the farm, and in response the wails of the battered are heard, as he pleads, “Ya daddy, ya daddy”.

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