Sokavan ‘swallows’ home two weeks after appearing in Mexico

Puebla, Mexico.

Two weeks after the appearance of the Santa Maria Zakatebeck sinkhole, a house on one side was sucked up. The large Ajujero measures, according to a recent report, 126 meters and grows every day.

A single hole appeared in the middle of the cultivated fields, which alerted Mexican authorities in search of explanations. The media maintains a presence in the region, waiting for news. In recent days even two dogs have fallen into the hole and were rescued by firefighters at the request of the governor of that state.

The house belongs to the Sanchez Salamihua family. The house had four rooms, a laundry area, a large patio and an outdoor bathroom. Singhol’s progress was devastating to the house, and this Saturday it completely disappeared. It takes hours to ingest it through the hole.

Mexico’s police and national security personnel guard the area. Interested locals come to the place, take a look, take a photo of themselves or dare to enter the deep hole. The security fence is fitted in case it attracts international attention.

Neighbors said the house collapsed overnight. Despite the videos of the current state it could not be recorded in pictures.

The singlehole size is expected to increase, while officials are working to study the event, but conditions make safety possible. Any movement can be dangerous and exacerbate the crisis in the community,

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