Summary of Atlas vs Cruz Azul 2-2 [3-4 penales] . Half time

Blue Cross He sent an encouraging announcement to his fans by winning MX Super CupDignity Health Sports Park was packed to the rafters with only a few minutes left to satisfy the packed crowd in a mid-range match.

Then Even 2-2 on the scoreboard at regulation timeThe game went to penalties, where The Cement team was very accurate to get out 4-3 Will be remembered for great failure Julian Quinones In the tenth charge, when he was one of the best players on the team throughout the last football year.

The crowd grew little by little

As the minutes progressed, The first half hour they provided was similar to the previous seasonLoose teams are hard to see and it shows a pattern.

After looking at the muscle and small structure, both teams found the same keys to score The set was in piecesPeople in red and black use it first.

Already 41 minutes have passed Emanuel Aguilera took the ball to take a free kick Sebastian was the one who caused the great curve before Jurato’s disability.

However, red and black are still not good and They could not handle the benefit As they became accustomed to Diego Coca’s command, they lost the advantage of changing the first part.

In the action game, Camilo Vargas hesitated early on to pay Romero right Sandy Kimenes appeared on the run and bounced the ball into the net with his head. The Colombian player can do even more to avoid a 1-1 draw.

A great play

After the break, middle-class football returned to the LA Galaxy ground, although now it was the cement workers who scored. John Escobar.

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The winger of Paraguay saw an uprising again inside the area, where he took out the magic Help Angel Romero with three fingersCompletely single-handedly stretched 2-1 through a severed header.

However, the Guadalajara team learned not to give up, which helped them take control of the game until they equalized in the 90th minute, largely thanks to Vargas, who went on the attack to get a shot. By the jury, and it Julian Quiñones used his 2-2 goal on penaltiesEager to see where the final fee will fail.

The penalties are the same

Blue Cross

  • Romero scored in the division.
  • Escobar missed putting it in the right post.
  • Tabo hit directly at Vargas and nothing could be done to get him out.
  • Rodriguez scored on Vargas’ left.
  • Despite the Atlas goalkeeper guessing, Giménez scored less.


  • Louis Reyes scored; The jury touched her
  • Edison Flores missed her. Put across.
  • Rocha loaded her to the right and choked.
  • Trejo marked to the right.
  • The Quinones made it explode.

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