Protocol Capsule – in black and mandible. Why did the Republican Vice President choose this dress to meet Pope Francis?

Recently, The Republican Vice President Rahul PenaAt a meeting with his saints at the Vatican, The Pope Francisco, As part of your stay in Italy.

By the way, properly dressed using Thirst formula (Indicates a dress code Sober, elegant and unique).

According to the protocol, when attending an official visit in the presence of a woman Pope Francis at the Vatican, Wear a black mandala and formal black dress on the head.

The dress code suggests a skirt below the knee, long sleeves; In addition, avoid pronounced necklines, embellished makeup, high heels or fancy jewelry. Finally, wear a black mandela especially at ceremonies, it is optional to use this element in private audiences.

No woman should wear white If you do not have “White Privilege” This only applies to Catholic queens or wives of Catholic kings.

Privilege to Blanc It was a privilege from the Vatican to thank the Catholic queens and royal houses who were loyal to the church when many kingdoms converted to Protestantism.

However, when Pope goes to another country. The “white privilege” rule does not apply. Outside the Vatican, women can always wear what they like with formality and respect.

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