Ben Affleck’s youngest son uses his father’s carelessness to confront Lamborghini

A bizarre fact starring his 10-year-old son got American actor Ben Affleck in trouble this weekend when he was looking at exotic cars at a luxury dealership in Las Vegas, but fortunately did not leave the crowd. Affected.

According to a portal that specializes in popular news DMZ, The event took place at 777 Exotics – Luxury Car Rental, where Ben and his youngest son, Samuel Garner Affleck, and their new wife, Jennifer Lopez, were looking for a rental car while they were staying in town.

Apparently, Samuel Corner Affleck, the artist’s youngest son, is famous for playing such characters. Batman-He jumped into the driver’s seat using his father’s supervision While playing with the buttons and levers of the car, he drove backwards, while the engine was running, he moved backwards.

The car in which Ben Affleck’s son was, The yellow Lamborghini collided with the white BMW van. As can be seen in the pictures published by this portal. She was able to stop him before he got older.

Ben Affleck and his son Samuel Garner Photo: TMZ

In a video DMZ You can see the passenger rear side bumper of the luxury vehicle in contact with the front wheel and fender of the BMW. After the incident, Sam quickly jumped back to see what had happened.

According to the release, Ben Affleck’s representative said there was no damage and fortunately everyone was fine. However, an employee of 777 Exotics promised There was no contact and the two cars were parked very close to each other.

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However, in this latest edition, it is not clear why Samuel, his father and Jennifer Lopez tested both cars. In the pictures you can see Ben and his wife worried about what happened and talking to the staff of this luxury car rental space.

Jennifer Lopez dedicated a heartfelt message to Ben Affleck

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez took advantage of Father’s Day His social networks, especially through Instagram to his partner actor Ben Affleck.

In pictures shared by JLo, you can see celebrities sharing family moments, but the translator Argument You can see his paternal side not only with the three children he has with Jennifer Corner, but also with the twins that Lopez has with singer Mark Anthony.

“Happy Father’s Day to the most caring, loving, affectionate, consistent and selfless father of all”, Jennifer Lopez told more than 215 million followers on the social network.

The Mail There are already almost three million ‘likes’ and about 25 thousand comments from internet users congratulating the actor A romantic relationship reborn 20 years after their first relationship.

Similarly, the singer Let’s talk loud He did the same with his father, David Lopez. And thanked him for going with her during the most difficult moments of her career. In addition, she recalled an emotional phrase that her father left her as a life lesson: “There is a person in the world who does not want anything from you and wants to love you and be there for you. You have it. This is me, “the actress and producer recalled.

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