Such was Barcelona’s ill-fated qualification for the Spanish Super Cup’s grand final


– Der Stegen was a man to stop the launch of Juanmi and William Carvalho. Lewandowski, Kessi, Anzu Fati and Petri scored for Barcelona.

Xavi’s side qualified for the final of the Spanish Super Cup after beating Betis 2-2 (2-4) in a penalty shootout and will face Real Madrid for the title.

No time yet! Betis and Barcelona drew 2-2 after 120 minutes to decide their ticket to the Super Cup final from the penalty spot.

Expelled! Betis left with 10 men due to a double yellow by Andres Cuartado. The Mexican saw her at 112, then at 118 because of a mistake against Kessey.

– The ball was moved in the second overtime. The final of the Spanish Super Cup could even be defined by Barcelona and Betis on penalties.

– The first overtime ended in a 2-2 tie. Anzu Fati scored with a volley, but Loren equalized again with a heel shot.

– Lloren leveled the game again in the 101st minute with a superb back-heel goal that found Araujo as Luis Henrique struggled for the ball in the area. 2-2.

GOOOOOOOLLL from Barcelonanna! Marcos Alonso’s free kick in the 93rd minute that the defense couldn’t quite deny and Anzu Fati sent it down with his left foot. Big goal.

– Barcelona and Betis disputed the first extra time of the second final of the Spanish Super Cup (1-1).

For overtime! Betis and Barcelona played to a 1-1 draw and extra time in the Spanish Super Cup. Lewandowski scored for the Catalans and Fekir drew level.

95′ Offside by Ferran. The escapee from Barça goes out to attack Anzu Fathi, courtesy of Bessella.

94′ Almost Fekir! He made a genius attempt at a little scramble looking for the far corner, but the crossbar went over.

93 & # 39; Another shot by Ansu Fati in the area, this time blocked by the defenders.

92′ UUUFFFF! After going into space from Petri, Bravo is shot by Anzu Fati, who sends Bravo into the corner with his claws.

90′ Six more minutes to play!

89′ The last minute of regular time is played. If this is not changed it looks like we will go into overtime.

87′ Corner kick doesn’t make the cut for Bravo and Luis Henrique gets his leg in to clear the danger.

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In the 78′ area Louis Henrique made a good play and Fekir touched down with a left-footed shot past ter Stegen’s cabin to level the score at 1-1.


75′ Great play from Rafinha, the pace picks up and he crosses for Lewandowski, but Bravo deflects it away.

74 & # 39; Marcos Alonso is already receiving instructions to enter the bench, and Rabinha is reprimanded.

From penalty shootout: Barcelona's long run to the Spanish Super Cup final

72′ Guido’s long shot is caught by Ter Stegen with no problem.

70′ Last 20 minutes of the match. Currently, Barcelona is facing Real Madrid in the Super Cup Final.

68 & # 39; Yellow to Louis Henrique for protesting.

67′ William Jose Pettis comes on for Borja Iglesias. Baby ‘Panda’ during the competition.

66′ Action resumes, Fekir looking for Miranda, who gets low and looks to finish rather than centre. What an opportunity that side missed.

From penalty shootout: Barcelona's long run to the Spanish Super Cup final

64 & # 39; Strong blow between Guido and Araujo on a jump after a corner kick. Two men on the floor and attendants enter.

63 & # 39; Changes at Barcelona: Dembele and De Jong leave for Ferran and Busquets.

62′ Dembele does it all, he breaks into the area and cuts in, but his right-footed shot goes just wide.

60′ The Barca bench is on the move. Ferran and Busquets are going to enter at any moment.

58 & # 39; The center of the tempel that Ruipal destroys when the poet wants to come.

55′ What a fight between Iglesias and Araujo. The Uruguayan was strong enough to clear the band and prevent the striker from getting forward.

From penalty shootout: Barcelona's long run to the Spanish Super Cup final

52 & # 39; Barcelona move across the field. Betis are far behind.

50 & # 39; Betis free kick wasted. Carvalho was offside at the time of the shot.

48 for Fekir & # 39; Yellow. The first tip of the match.

47 & # 39; Although the Pole is offside, Alba’s center is unconvincingly linked with Lewandowski and Rabinha.

46 & # 39; Betis made a change after the break: Canales came on for William Carvalho.

Four. five’ Let the second half begin!

41 & # 39; Lewandowski was able to open the scoring after beating Bravo inside the area after a rebound from Dembele. Azulgrana won 1-0.


38 & # 39; Miranda puts it on the penalty spot, but Conte clears it with a header.

35 & # 39; Pettis’ shot doesn’t come through! Luis Henrique puts it on and the ball goes around the area, the rover touches Borja Iglesias and Rodri.

From penalty shootout: Barcelona's long run to the Spanish Super Cup final

33 & # 39; Ter Stegen’s brave clearance to catch a pass from Canales for Miranda, who came alone.

31′ Close BETIS! Bessella’s header after a corner was well taken out by Ter Stegen.

30′ Half an hour of play is over. Barcelona continue to try and Betis waits against it.

29′ Dembele’s cross from the right to the near post is cleared by Bessella.

27′ Borja Iglesias rushes to win the race as he looks for the ball in Ruipal’s hole.

25′ Petrie’s goal doesn’t count! Rafinha was just ahead when he fired in a cross from the right. The play is reviewed by VAR and we’re still 0-0.

24 & # 39; Excellent center from Robinha and Petrie appears alone in the area to connect with the right and beat Claudio Bravo’s goal.


twenty one’ Aha! Borja Iglesias wanted to go into the kitchen, Sergi Roberto pulled back and Ter Stegen had to explode as the ball went into him.

20 & # 39; Ter Stegen struggled early on and had to throw it to the band under pressure from Fekir.

From penalty shootout: Barcelona's long run to the Spanish Super Cup final

17′ Lewandowski now fails to finish with a header to another cross from Robinho from the right.

16′ Robert had it! Dembele’s big center from the left and Lewandowski can’t quite connect when he gets in alone. Pole loses it.

14′ Fantasy play by Dembele for Alba and the center of the side is cut off by Bedic defending.

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12 & # 39; A good start for Barcelona, ​​with both sides charging more for the area.

10′ Lewandowski on the heels! Despite the pole hitting the wind, it tried to turn its back into the area.

9 & # 39; Robinha takes a close corner kick and Bravo clears it with his fists. A goalkeeper who takes a hit hurts.

8′ More control and possession by Barça, although Betis doesn’t give up the ball and defends himself this time.

From penalty shootout: Barcelona's long run to the Spanish Super Cup final

6′ Long pass by Luis Felipe to Borja Iglesias, but low to Conte’s head.

5 & ​​# 39; De Jong’s pass is too long and Dembele can’t get into the area.

3 & # 39; He tries to surprise Louis Henrique from midfield but it doesn’t work and he goes to the bottom. Ter Stegen was in the lead.

2′ Raphinha tries it down the right but the low cross goes straight into Bravo’s hands.

1 & # 39; Betis presses high to get out from behind Barcelona. Statement of Objectives.

The game has begun in Riyadh!

– Barcelona are looking for their fourteenth Spanish Super Cup title. Bettis still doesn’t know what it takes to win this tournament.

– Everything is ready at the King Fahd Stadium. Both teams leave the field.

The Barcelona Measured against today Bettis (1:00 PM) In the second semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup, Saudi Arabia looks to extend its good start to the year in ‘Final Four’ form.

The Barcelona board of directors hated Messi and the WhatsApp messages were leaked

For that commitment, Savi He leaves captain Busquets on the bench and bets on De Jong, Petri and Kavi in ​​midfield. Upstairs will be Dembele, Rabinha and Lewandowski.

It should be remembered that there is a Polish scorer for these matches, and the penalty only covers the days of the Spanish league.

Confirmed Queues

Pettis: Bravo; Ruibal, Pezzella, Luiz Felipe, Miranda; Guido, Rodri, Luis Henrique, Canales and Borja.

Barcelona: Der Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Araujo, Counte, Jordi Alba; De Jong, Poet, Petrie; Dembele, Lewandowski and Rabinha.

Schedule: 1:00pm from Honduras.

Mode of spread: Sky game.

Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande.

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