An explosion at a fast food restaurant in Kayei injured several people

An explosion recorded at the McDonald’s fast food restaurant located on Baldorioti de Castro Street in Caye has injured at least two people.confirmed Fire department office a The new day.

Yvonne RosarioThe press spokesman for the fire department indicated that the explosion was reported at 12:45 pm on Thursday.

Rosario indicated that two people (clients) were injured and were taken to the Mennonite Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries. A third person, an employee, sustained minor injuries, but was treated at the scene by EMS personnel and left the scene.

the Lieutenant Ismail CartagenaExplosives Division Director police OfficeReferred to The new day that The restaurant manager, who was identified by regular police as Anthony Toro, confirmed that the explosion was caused by a gas leak..

The manager informed us that he smelled gas in the kitchen. He immediately went to the back of the restaurant to close the valve (to cut off the gas flow to equipment that required it) and upon performing this action left the restaurant to make a call, which was when the explosion occurred. The explosion damaged the windows of the restaurant, and as a result, two customers who were in that place were slightly injured.

The officer added that the Explosives Division is always activated when these types of incidents occur and that the data provided by Toro so far is consistent with what they have found at the scene so far.

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The investigation is being carried out by personnel from the Explosives Section in Caguas. The findings at the scene are consistent with the information provided by the manager. There was no fire itself because as a result of the explosion the gas (accumulated inside the restaurant) was consumed. The damage caused was more due to wave expansion (compression). So far, all results have been confirmed by the director’s statement and are consistent with accidental incidents. But anyway we will make an investigation to rule everything outCartagena confirmed.

the Lieutenant Noel ColonAn investigative agent from the Caguas Explosives Division who attended the scene, later added that in the interview, Toro told him that, according to his recollection of the facts, there were between five and six customers inside the restaurant at the time this occurred. Bang with about six employees.

For his part, he is Lieutenant Louis CombaHe said, in charge of the Sidra fire station The new day that personnel from Cedra, Cay and Caguas stations put out a fire in the galley area after the explosion, a procedure that took half an hour. They then proceeded to ventilate the restaurant and cool the area.

Comba added that the fire investigation agent (Fire Marshal) will be responsible for determining the cause of the explosion. When asked if the establishment recorded any errors during the inspection and permitting process carried out by the fire department, the agency undertook to check whether inspectors from the fire prevention department had reported problems in previous inspections.

Meanwhile, a fire department investigator, Abelardo Pérez García, tentatively told Telenoticias that what happened was a subsonic combustion or explosion event.

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“What I can tell tentatively, from what I was able to observe, is that combustion has occurred. Combustion is a smaller explosion, a flame, below the speed of sound. Somewhere in the kitchen area the gas was released, and finding a suitable ignition point, a spark, caused a response A violent act of gas, expanding and doing all the damage you see.”The people who were working here detected the smell of gas and evacuated the restaurant immediately, which is a good precaution,” Perez-García said.

Personnel from the Cay, Caguas and Cedra fire department attended the scene, along with agents from the Municipal Office of Emergency Management (OMME) and police units.

Arcos Dorados, the company that operates McDonald’s restaurants in Puerto Rico, indicated through written statements that employees followed all safety protocols when they noticed a possible gas leak in the building.

Representatives of Arcos Dorados have confirmed that the incident at the Cayey restaurant on Baldorioty de Castro Street is under control and that all restaurant employees are safe. Suspecting a possible gas leak, the staff took immediate action, evicted the restaurant and followed all security protocols, managing to seal off the building before the explosion.”

The company confirmed that there are two people with minor injuries and that both are receiving medical attention. As part of security protocols for employees and customers, the company will keep the restaurant closed and continue to cooperate in the investigation of the incident.”

The explosion occurred at the McDonald’s restaurant located on Baldoriote do Castro Street in Caye. (supplied)

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