Paola Rojas reveals the best exercise to get a perfect butt after 40

Paola Rojas She is one of the most loved Mexican TV presenters by the public, but she attracts attention not only for her talent, but also for her beauty. Thin figure And the good tone he maintains at 46. But what is the secret of keeping it popular? Perfect butt? Keep reading it Panorama We reveal the mystery to you.

Recently, the communicator said goodbye to the morning newscast he hosted and according to his comments in a clip he shared on his Instagram account, 17 years ago he started his day at a forum; However, since she no longer works in news, and faced with the challenge of finding a new routine, the journalist decides to start her day as this practice allows her to. Buttocks increase rapidly Even after 40.

Paola Rojas starts her day running | IG: @paolarojas

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What’s Paola Rojas’ Secret to Bigger Butt Fast?

As part of her new routine, the former host of Televisa’s number one morning news show gets up early to go out. want to run and chose the Bosque de Chapultepec as its exercise setting.

In another clip that Paola Rojas shared with her followers, she can be seen running in this iconic place in Mexico City, with a good vibe, very healthy and above all, to strengthen her leg muscles. and buttocks.

Running helps to increase the butt faster | IG: @paolarojas

What are the benefits of running like Paola Rojas?

Did you notice the runners? Perfect butt? Because running helps shape the butt. According to experts, this exercise helps you burn fat and gain some muscle mass if you follow a proper diet.

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Paola Rojas shows perfect buttocks | IG: @paolarojas

When we run, not only the buttocks work, but a large number of muscles are involved in this movement, so when you run every morning you will also work the hips, ankles, stomach, shoulders and arms.

However, if you are interested in increasing the buttocks, it is better to try running high, this exercise is called: step down. Here we present you a video so that you can see how you can achieve it Well-toned buttocks Like Paola Rojas.

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