Stunning images of waterfalls in Guantanamo after heavy rains

Impressive images of waterfalls caused by recent heavy rains in Guantanamo were released by local journalists this Saturday.

The images correspond to the marine terraces of the municipalities of San Antonio del Sur and Imáez They were published by Guantanamo Press and journalist Lilibeth Alphonse.

“It’s a semi-desert area, but it’s raining a lot these days, so these waterfalls are really hard to see in this place.” Enrique Diego Arango Arias explained on FacebookHead of the National Seismological Service of Cuba at the National Center for Seismological Research (CENAIS).

This Saturday, National Civil Defense General Staff A state of normalcy was declared in eastern Cuba After the passage of the tropical depression, heavy rains and floods occurred.

Officials decreed “normalcy” after the Met Office’s forecast center said the unstable weather area had reduced its influence over the eastern part of the country.

A tropical depression formed on Thursday and heavy rain and severe flooding were reported in Guantanamo, particularly in the city of Kaimanera where many streets were under water.

However, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) tropical depression no. 22, located south of Cuba on Friday. Turned into a storm Tropical.

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