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After historical recognition, the Everton English football is wary of the possibility of the Championship Commission taking similar action with the two giants after losing 10 points in the Premier League. Chelsea and Manchester CityWho can run the risk of losing the category.

Premier League leaders Manchester City with 28 points and tenth-placed Chelsea with 16 are rumored to drop around 30 points this season. Each team buys players.

Manchester City in the Champions League.

If everything goes as it did at Everton, the two teams will be bottom of the table without a match. Because in addition to deducting points for City and Chelsea, they will also be fined millions of dollars.

Lawyer Stephen Porson, who advised the City, believes the decision sets a dangerous precedent. “To me, 10 points to Everton seems harsh for a simple FFP breach. But it reinforces the fact that sanctions against City (if they happen) and now against Chelsea will lead to a relegation,” he wrote in X.


Chelsea advance to the Champions League.

According to journalist Martin Ziegler of ‘The Time’ newspaper, “If both Manchester City and Chelsea are found guilty it will be very serious. I mean Man City has 115 charges, Everton only had one and Chelsea are still under investigation, so we don’t know the number of charges there. You Manchester “If you look at City, there are more allegations, but they are very serious. So there will be a real fear that Manchester City will face relegation from the Premier League,” he told Talk Sports.

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However, Ziegler assures that both cases are very complex and will not be solved in the short term.

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