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Hunger and malnutrition among children in La Guajira has always been a “priority” issue on the agendas of the provinces and the presidency, and for this reason it has been the subject of study, analysis and demand for actions to be taken and measures to be applied. The response to the provision T-302.

The Constitutional Court ruled that the case of unconstitutional affairs against the special protection of The right to water, health and food of the Wayuu Indigenous Communities of the Municipalities of Riohacha, Manor, Oribia and Maicao in the Province of La Guajira.

In this sense, the University of La Guajirasought scenarios to guide and educate the academic community on these problems, and in collaboration with Radio Caracol, thought of conducting a detailed dialogue through the initiative “Caribbean Challenge”.

The space was attended by teachers from the Juan Carlos Rocha Camargo Foundation and Yamasain Romero. In the same way, facing the challenges of the region and the country, the Alma mater Join the topic of renewable energies with teacher Marlon Bastidas and in the topic of agroecology and its implications with professor Nelson Valero.

You must specify that file University of La Guajira, is the higher education institution (HEI) with the largest coverage in the La Guajira department, with 7 accredited undergraduate degrees, including: Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports, and Early Childhood Education. , Social Work, Biology and Business Administration programs.

Its main office is located in Riohacha and its extensions in the municipalities of Villanueva, Fonseca and Maicao, and it has a population of more than 14,000 students.

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Her academic offer is supported by five Queens: Social sciences And humansAnd Basic and applied sciencesAnd Economic and administrative sciencesAnd Educational sciences And engineering. It also has four majors, 12 master’s degrees, one technical program, two professional technologies and a Ph.D. in physical sciences in alliance with Sue Caribe.

Today, facing the challenges of the region and the nation, the University of La Guajira aims to create new programs in renewable energy technology, social communications, architecture, and agroecology, among others in order to bridge the gap in the needs and possibilities of the environment.

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