Prince William’s “cause” is Charles III’s newfound anger

Some parts of what a coronation is Charles iii As King of the United Kingdom and Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Nations. But this time, The leaked video did not sit well with the king due to His fame as a trickThis has been shown in other cases.

Dressed in all manners as the new king of his land, Charles III was caught sitting in a gold state coach Pronouncing a few words translated by an expert in lip-reading until recently.

“Unbelievable it took so long. I’m sitting here angry because I’m old.The impatient king referred to his eldest son Prince William. “Can we ever be on time?” He added.


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Although Charles III was able to control his introverted and angry temper, this time it got out of hand again. He was caught by some cameras that didn’t miss anything about his demeanor.

The appearance of the father of Princes William and Harry caused real irritation.

Moments later, Prince William arrived with his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, and his wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales. One of the most memorable moments of the historic event was the moment Charles III received a kiss from his eldest son during the coronation ceremony.

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