Jorge Messi’s Statement on Lionel Messi’s Future

BARCELONA – Lionel Messi has not completed signing with any club, not even negotiating, his press team, led by his father Jorge, changed on Tuesday, starting by saying “absolutely nothing”. No club next year” and “Lionel will never be taken before finishing the league with PSG”.

Messi wanted to move away from all the speculation that has grown in recent weeks about a return to Barcelona or his signing for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, although the statement did not indicate at any time his desire to renew. His contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

“Once the season is over, it’s time to analyze what’s out there and then make a decision,” the letter continued, noting some discomfort with the spread of rumors in the media “without providing any evidence for their reports and wanting to turn any malicious rumor or news directed by someone in favor of their interests.

In the last few hours, L’Equipe newspaper published a report which indicated that Messi has already made a verbal agreement with Saudi Arabia to join Al-Hilal, although the agreement will not be signed and made official. Something that is completely rejected from the footballer’s surroundings.

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Thus, in the report, Messi’s team wonders “why the information is not verified” and regrets that “there are always rumors to use Lionel’s name to gain fame”. It can be said with certainty that the truth is one and nothing with anyone. Neither verbal, signed nor agreed. And not until the end of the season.

Barcelona, ​​ESPN has learned, continues to work to fit Messi’s finances within the salary range, and has made a potential move to La Liga, in which he notes that the team does not have much in the way of reducing his current salary. Since then, he would have been in a position to offer the Argentina striker a chance if Javier Tebas-led bosses approved.

At the moment, however, this fact has not caught up with the crack team of advisers, as Barça Club has to undergo a deep restructuring of its squad in addition to trying to come to terms with salary cuts for many of its footballers. To get the break needed for Messi’s contract.

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