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“Today we are looking to the future, preparing ourselves for the decades to come in a world that is moving at breakneck speed,” said Riccardo Pellerano, partner at P&H.

Marking its 70th anniversary, the law firm of Pellerano & Herrera celebrated the first meeting and launch of P&H Law Next.

Through this initiative, created as a space to share popular and innovative topics in the legal sector, the firm intends to continue its legacy of cultivating the Dominican legal heritage, and contributing to education in the legal sector and society in general.

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Participating in this introductory discussion, “Public Trust Funds: Best Practices for Their Use and Management,” were high-level panel members including Joel Santos, Secretary of the Presidency; Sigmund Freund, Executive Director of the Directorate General for Public-Private Alliances; and Christian Molina, CEO, Association of Dominican Trust Companies. Moderated by Carolina Leon, Partner P&H.

Company managers from well-known companies in the country, the company’s clients and related parties participated in the meeting.

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