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Recently, the Oscars were awarded to Jamie Lee Curtis for Best Supporting Actress, a feat her parents, actors Tony Curtis and Janet Lee, also wanted to achieve at the time.

Her fans were delighted to be recognized for her performance in ‘Everything at One’s Everywhere’, while the actress looked on with interest as she referred to the golden statue with the English pronouns ‘They/Them’ in her daughter’s memory. Transgender Ruby Guest.

“I have a disabled daughter. There are threats to his life just for being human. There are people who want to destroy her and people like her […] As if we didn’t know what the outcome would be: the annihilation of humans. It’s terrifying,” the actress said in interviews.

Recognized for his impersonation of Laurie Strode in the horror film ‘Halloween’, Jamie has been an activist for the rights of the LGBT community in recent years. hello.

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Who is Jamie Lee Curtis’ transgender daughter Ruby?

According to Europe FMRuby Guest was born on March 15, 1996 and was originally identified as Tom when she was adopted with Annie by the actress and her husband Christopher Guest.

At the age of 25, she started transitioning into a woman and in May last year she took her wedding vows with her partner Kinthia in a themed wedding.

Jamie Lee Curtis wants to tell the story of an LGBT activist

Rumors of his romantic relationship with Jamie Lee Curtis and Melanie Griffith

Not only did his recent award make Jamie Lee Curtis a trend, but a publication by Melanie Griffith sparked rumors that the two are more than just friends.

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“How lovely is my girlfriend @jamieleecurtis? She is literally everything, everywhere, everything at once. I love eating together and our conversations run the gamut of life and love sparking laughter, tears and precious memories. Jamie for you! I love you to the moon”, revealed the protagonist of ‘Armas de Mujar’.


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