A McDonald’s customer has been receiving a hamburger in a wrapper for the past 15 years

TikTokviridmaroon user, who goes by the name Sam, posted a video that went viral featuring her They gave him a paper-wrapped McChicken burger from 2008.

Sam said this happened to him in February, and if you do the math, the food wrapping paper is about 15 years old.

On the video, which has already garnered more than 913,000 views, there is text superimposed that reads: “I just ordered McDonald’s and didn’t expect to go back in time“.

Sam explains that there is a legend on the paper that says it was printed in the United States in 2008.

Sam told The Daily Dot this had not happened to him on previous occasions where he had gone shopping at McDonald’s. He also joked that he thought he had traveled back in time when he saw the 2008 packaging.

Insider revealed that this paper was used in branches of the famous hamburger chain until at least 2013.

It should be noted that several people said in the comments section of Sam’s video that it also occurred to them that they were served hamburgers in this stalled role.

My McDonald’s still uses these wrappers, but only for their Deli Doubles burgersaid one user.

Other people have speculated that workers may have found a box of this wrapping paper and are using it now so it won’t go to waste.

So far, the popular Yellow Bows series has not made any statement about the use of this over a decade old wrapping paper.

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