“Sometimes technicians are not selected for skill, but because they charge cheap”


Hector Vargas He reappeared on the scene and did so while staying true to his style.

The Argentine coach judged Honduras national teamHe always admitted that he wanted to direct.

Vargas Real Espana prevented him from becoming a coach Honduras In the Concacaf Nations League.

“Previously, when I won 12 games with Real Espana, I was in the national team list and I was ahead of Diego (Vasquez) since they told me. However, there were two senior managers in Spain who didn’t want to release me so as not to disrupt the process. I knew there was a problem. I don’t think, I always criticize, more than one person doesn’t like me, if things are done right you have to see from the inside”, Hector Vargas spoke on the topic “Without anesthesia”.

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Argentina’s strategist was asked if he was ready to lead Honduras In Central American and Caribbean sports. It is an under-22 team.

“What’s happening is the problem is in the project, if it’s a long process, it depends on what they’re looking for. It’s not good to put something together to save games. We need to think about a project, but not just two parties, but one that’s well put together,” he commented. . Vargas.

“Of course I did, even Havitt offered me the U-20 national team in 2008, but when it came time to settle the contract they gave me 25,000 lembras, at that time they called me from Hispanic and gave me three times more. Sometimes technicians are not in the selection for ability, but they are cheap. Because of charging,” he asserted.

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Finally, he mentioned the great facilities now available National Exam. Now there are many advantages.

“Now the technicians of the national team have all the facilities to work in CiquadPeg, sometimes it doesn’t happen to them like it happened to me. I was in teams that didn’t even have water and once I had to put my bag for food for several people,” he said.

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