More space for the Civil Protection in Mequinenza and more money for your accommodation

More space for the Civil Protection in Mequinenza and more money for his residence. The Mequinenza City Council has carried out two recent operations: on the one hand, the expansion of the garage space for vehicles at the base of the Pago Cinca Civil Protection Volunteer Group in the city. The performance, carried out by Construcciones Ibarz, involved an investment of €35,997.50. It was funded by the Unified Support Plan (PLUS 2022) of the Diputación de Zaragoza (DPZ).

This action responds to one of the requests of the now extinct Mekinins Civil Protection Volunteers Association. This became part of the regional federation by Decree 204/2017 of December 19 of the Government of Aragon which reorganized it. With this, duplication of means was avoided and resources were consolidated. At the same time, coverage of the entire territory of Aragon is guaranteed.

The works focused on the ground floor of the building. The parking area has been expanded and two changing rooms have been created. Plus a shower area and storage. It is also planned to carry out carpentry work on the doors and the association has undertaken, through a subsidy from the Government of Aragon, to paint the façade of the building whose first floor contains a meeting room and coordination of operations that can be used if necessary.

Magda Judia’s residence

The Bajo Cinca Regional Council in an extraordinary session, with a vote in favor of the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Party of Aragon (PAR), approved a budget amendment that includes a surplus of 4.7 million euros in the budget for the fiscal year 2023. The rest of the representative formations did not support the People’s Party (PP). ) and Compromiso por Fraga (CxF), the motion abstained.

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Among the items stipulated in this amendment is an amount of two million euros, which will be used to equip the “Magda Gudea” residence for the elderly and the day-care center in Mequinenza, as soon as the construction works are completed, expected at the beginning of next year. And for the future of Faraga Residence, whose business has not yet begun.

Woodland in Mequinenza

The municipal brigade carries out the tasks of cleaning the forest mass distributed in the green areas of the urban core, specifically in the pine trees. These are the works that will be carried out in phases and aim to improve safety, such as those carried out last March under the supervision of those Zaragoza Provincial Council Fire Brigade Which consisted in withdrawing several large samples because of the danger they posed.

Duties mainly consist of pruning branches that are in poor condition, dry, close to homes, or obstructing vehicular traffic. In the first phase, the works focus on the area of ​​the road closest to the river, in municipal scale, in Polígono 7, the urbanization of Pablo Iglesias, the neighborhood of Morcillo and the settlement of ENHER.

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