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“My silence with you is broken,” he said after he publicly denounced being sexually abused by his grandfather; His mother Alejandra Guzman did not trust him.

The daughter of Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman and the song’s life inspiration is Frida Sofia I was waiting for you He broke the silence and described in an exclusive interview with Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante the experience of being sexually abused by his grandfather and his mother’s male friends.

His reports came after a distance taken by his maternal family.

Immediately, defendant Enrique Guzman told the Mexican media that he would not allow himself to be tarnished in that way, so he would pursue legal action against his granddaughter. Frida says she has been scared to see her favorite grandfather for a long time since she was 5 years old.

“He’s always been so bad, I’m starting to shudder because he has a lot to say about it. He’s the most disgusting man, the worst man, he’s always scared me. TV tips.

According to such international media Telemundo Y Global, Not only did she publicize the event, but the young woman shared a picture from her childhood where she could see the awkwardness in front of her grandfather.

The incident, which is taking a legal course, has caused controversy on the part of the Guzman family members, who have already talked about it. Defendant, Enrique Guzman, 78, denied the allegation via Twitter and promised that his granddaughter needed psychiatric help.

Enrique Guzman said they started the process to clean up their image: “He (Alejandra Guzman) gave me the support of his lawyers because it was not fair, it was not right, they hurt me so much, we should complain. I am not a pervert, I have never been, I do not want this stigma to persist, “he told several international media outlets.

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Meanwhile, her mother, Alejandra Guzman, did not support her daughter’s statements, according to a statement shared by entertainment journalist Grandma Chapoi. In addition, the Queen of Hearts volunteered to fix her daughter’s condition and sought a therapist.

“I give you my heart and my love because I gave birth to you,” he said.

However, Frida Sofia responded with a post on Instagram. “The chain of silence with me is broken,” he wrote.

Many Internet users turned to social networks in support of Frida. (I)

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