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Details can make all the difference and in a file to divide Small is no exception: achieving harmony of spaces improves the quality of life, achieving a comfortable place that suits the needs of its inhabitants.

That’s the reason behind Gianfranco Arevalo, CEO and Co-Founder, Inc (a company providing smart furnishing solutions for homes and offices), invites you to follow the following six tips on how to save space to help make better use of each room and blend environments.

remove clutterNot only does clutter make a small room look unattractive, it can also make it look smaller than it really is, so it is advisable to keep things that are really necessary to get as much space as possible in the rooms.

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organizedOrganizing an apartment can be a daunting task, but it will make it look nice and tidy, it is better to put things on shelves, hangers and other organizing tools that will make it look beautiful.

Absorbs: One of the simplest and most effective ways to get more space in the apartment is to place the furniture close to the walls, and always look for simple and specific lines that ensure that nothing interrupts the passage of people.

Use light tonesIn general, lighter tones help create a feeling of more space, while strong tones visually reduce spaces. For this reason, white and neutral tones are ideal for walls, floors, and décor.

Simpplex offers multifunctional furniture design which, in addition to facilitating everyday tasks, expands and saves spaces.

Take advantage of natural light: The feeling of spaciousness in the space is associated with natural light, the more windows and open spaces in the apartment, the more spacious it will be.

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Choose multifunctional furniture: Today it is common to find furniture with a dual function because tables with built-in storage have become essential, and beds with drawers underneath or extendable tables not only save space but also simplify daily activities.

“In Peru, the trend towards shrinking space in homes and looking for small apartments is increasing. For this reason, we at Simplex are committed to connecting local workshops with people who need to reduce space through multifunctional furniture. To date, we are improving the quality of life for more than 6,000 families in Peru, providing them with a stable source of income.”, mentioned the specialist from Simpplex, a startup that belongs to the Hub UDEP Acceleration Program, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Piura.

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