Shakira’s strange message after Pique’s dispute with her children: Is it Clara Xiao?

Shakira This Wednesday, March 29 night, she has confused many of her fans with a strange message she posted on Instagram.

When he was happy, the boys They seemed bored. In addition, a video circulated on social networks, where he can be seen strongly calling for their attention during the event.

According to Europa Press Agency, in the final Clara Sia Marty was presentBut she’ll be staying somewhere else in the stadium, not where her boyfriend sits with his kids.

Piqué is said to be scolding the boys after their father brought his young girlfriend to the event.

Is Shakira Sending Clara Sia a New Tart?

After Pique’s controversy and his alleged scolding of his children in front of Clara Sia, the singer has released a message.

It was a ‘selfie’ with more light on one side than the other and as a caption he wrote: “Chiaroscuro”.

This is the controversial photo and message that Shakira posted on Instagram with the word “chiaroscuro”.

debt: Shakira/Instagram

The word contains part of the name of the young Catalan, with whom it is speculated that the former athlete was unfaithful to the singer.

This isn’t the first time Shakira has played on words with a couple’s names.

Shakira did not clarify the reason for her controversial publication. There are those who say it’s a message to do with his next album.

Several Spanish-language media such as El Universal (Mexico), El Diario de Nueva York (USA) and Marca (Spain) are already reporting this publication as a possible reference to the singer’s ex-partner’s girlfriend.

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7 months after announcing his separation from Shakira, Gerard Piqué decided to publish the first photo on Instagram in which he appears with his girlfriend Clara Sia Marti.


This led to their split amid some media in Spain claiming the footballer had betrayed the Colombian.

debt: Good pictures


The alleged infidelity is with Clara Chia, a 23-year-old girl who has been working for the Catalan-owned Cosmos for a year.

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Shakira’s new song ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. Alleged deceit also appears in 53’, where he throws strong ‘darts’ and claims his ex and his current girlfriend (with whom he now appears in this controversial film).

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram


With that in mind, some fans see Bigway’s photo with Clara Sia as an apparent revenge against the singer for her new single. Others say it is a sign that the relationship between the businessman and the girl is on the mend amid rumors of a crisis they are said to be going through due to the controversy surrounding them.


What seems to be a fact is that in the photo commented on everything, Piqué still has in mind his ex and the mother of his two children: Milan (10 years old) and Sasha (7).

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As can be seen in this screenshot, these are pictures of him alone with her in a very affectionate way, and in others with his children.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram


For example, he still posted this photo dated July 9, 2021, in which he looks super happy next to Shakira: “Holiday vibes,” he wrote as a caption.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram

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She was with her children and another with her.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram


And one more single with a singer he called “Art”.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram


“She’s always so happy,” he wrote in another of Shakira’s appearances, dated March 10, 2019.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram

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These and other photos with the artist were visible on Piqué’s Instagram account until the morning of this Thursday, January 26, 12 hours after he published his presence with Clara Sia.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram


In fact, he still followed the singer on stage, as can be confirmed.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram


Same for her: PQ was on her list of accounts she followed.

debt: Gerard Pique / Instagram

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Amidst the controversy of their acting, it seems that Bigg Boss has no affair with Shakira.

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