A video of an exoplanet system more than 130 light-years away stunned astronomers – FireWire

He is It is impossible for us to be alone in this universe. There is no concrete evidence to certify this statement, but behaviors similar to that of our solar system are repeated in the depths of the universe.

Video of an exoplanet system, found 133 light-years from Earth, has astonished astronomers. The simple fact that they captured this phenomenon on video is already amazing, but having this confirmed behavior like the one happening in our backyard is simply amazing.

Depending on what you are reviewing Dr.., the planetary system captured on video was HR8799; The first to be photographed directly by the flag, in 2008.

Since then, scientists have directed observatories towards this region and 12 years later they have a video showing how four planets revolve around their massive star, just as it happens with the nine worlds in our solar system.

All four planets involved are larger than Jupiter. There is no indication that any of them could harbor the evolution of life as we know it.

It is usually difficult to see orbiting planets. For example, it’s not clear that Jupiter or Mars orbits our sun because we live in the same system and we don’t have a view from above,” says astrophysicist Jason Wang of Northwestern University.

Astronomical events happen too quickly or too slowly to capture on film. But this video shows planets moving on a human time scale. I hope it will allow people to enjoy something wonderful.”

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Scientists responsible for monitoring this exoplanet system say that capturing the motion of these planets does not contribute anything new from a scientific perspective.

“You don’t get anything scientific from watching tropical systems in time-lapse video, but it does help others appreciate what we’re studying. It can be hard to explain the nuances of science in words. Showing science in action helps others understand its importance,” the expert said.

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