Formula 1 | Checo Perez will no longer lower himself to Verstappen: Mexican sentence to warm up internship back at Red Bull

Internal Red bull Continues to be red hot after recent reports Sergio PerezAlthough they are not directly directed towards their partner Max VerstappenMake it clear what position the Mexican wants to occupy within the team.

Czecho is winning in Saudi Arabia and to finish second in Bahrain, while the Dutchman went the other way and went 1-2 in the first two races of the 2023 season. Red Bull is clearly the best candidate to win again. Constructors’ Championship this year.

After a tremendous 2022 campaign, the man from Guadalajara will be a direct contender in a current start. VerstappenThere were various crosses with him due to the importance that both wanted to have within the team.


Chekhov is backed by Red Bull

The group began to respect the image of the American so much that he initially found it difficult to achieve.


Max crosses with Verstappen’s father

Jos Verstappen has done some crossover with Czecho. In fact, after his victory in Saudi Arabia, he could not congratulate him despite seeing him face to face.

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Francisco Fernandez

Checo Perez’s phrase to challenge Max Verstappen

At the pre-race press conference in Australia, Sego said: “Things were different when I joined the team. Basically, they are going to race two cars. But now I can say that I feel part of the team. I have my place and they respect me”.

He added: “I think I have the full support of the team like Max. And I’ll have every chance to win the championship like he did.”. His words came after team principal Christian Horner publicly backed Perez, backing him alongside the two-time Formula 1 champion.

This is not the first time that each’s leadership has been embroiled in controversy. Although Szeko joins the team as the second driver, little by little his performances have given him confidence and established him among the best drivers in motorsport’s highest division, giving him a good chance to go in search of the championship this year.

Czech Perez.


“Now I feel very comfortable in the car, we learned a bit about the direction we went in last year. It’s clear that last year, when we started to build the car or put the car on a diet to lose weight, it basically became more suited to Max and the gap widened,” explained the Guadalajara-born.

Finally, he closed: “At this time I think we are asking the same things. In these first few races we were very close in the balance and asked for similar type. So in that sense, it’s a good thing for now.

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Daniel Ballesteros

Max Verstappen joins the list of athletes most criticized by Mexican fans

During the recent Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Checo Perez won on his own merit, Verstappen grabbed the extra point Fast lap despite going against Red Bull’s signs, a gesture that dissuaded a section of Mexican fans who already have him on the public enemies list.

If Mexican fans know anything, it’s that the Mexican national team’s poor performance in soccer, the country’s most popular sport, is largely thanks to a lack of taste, but they have characters in other fields as well. They were responsible for destroying the victory lane of the Mexican idols.

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