From the beach, Ninel Conte rules fashion with the perfect blue swimsuit for summer

Imposition and afterlifeThis is how the host, the influencer, looks stunning Singer and actress Ninel Conde on their social networks. A 46-year-old Mexican Born in the beautiful city of TolucaHe showed that walking is his thing On the beach Pour over style An elegant blue swimsuitPerfect for those hot summer days.

Ninel Conde shared a series of pictures Where he imposes Two piece swimsuit, sky blue color, fine glass material details And nineties style cut. This piece is perfect for showing off your legs and sharpening your waistline, as well as providing protection for the bust as it is fitted to the body with a kind of ergonomic wire.

Ninel Conde loves selfies. Photo: Instagram @ninelconde

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in your profile Videos on TikTok, Ninel Conde Adding 2.7 million followers, she has already crossed the 5 million follower barrier with her photos and reels on Instagram. Years go by, Ninel Conde never ceases to surprise her audience, because now “Bombón Asesino” shared “Arrangements”. It was done on the face and how beautiful it is.

Ninal Kande is popular in networks. Photo: Instagram @ninelconde

sure, Ninel Conde is one of the influencers and models who know how to teach style And fashion while wearing beachwear. This type of trending content is well received by his fans.

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Ninel Conde’s photos on TikTok

Ninel is popular in Miami. Photo: TikTok @ninelconde
Ninel shares her gym routine on the networks. Photo: TikTok @ninelconde
Ninel admits to being a fan of the beach and the ocean. Photo: TikTok @ninelconde

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