Shakira unexpectedly goes to Barcelona to leave her children with the PQ – international soccer – games.

A year after their split was announced, Shakira and PQ are still at the center of controversy. Catalan newspaper ‘El Nacional’ reports that the singer from Barranquilla and the former Spanish footballer are enjoying what has been one of the “busiest weekends in recent history between them”.

As reported by the European press, Piqué was scheduled to fly to Miami this weekend to pick up his children, Milan and Sasha.

Reportedly, the minors will spend much of their offseason with the former player. However, nothing is certain anymore because as reported by journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez, Shakira decided to return to Barcelona at the last minuteDespite the fact that Piqué already had everything ready to land in America.

The trip also exposes the famous ‘mamarasis’, which represents “a new twist in the script in the former partner’s negotiations”.

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Shakira returns to Barcelona: the journey no one expected

Singer Shakira and former footballer Gerard Piqué.


Shakira’s Instagram, Kings League

As reported by ‘Mamarasis’, Shakira decided to renege on the contract in the last few hours to allow PQ to take her children.

According to them, the decision was made this Friday, surprising Pique who already had tickets and everything ready to travel to Miami.

According to reports in the press, an agreement on the protection of minors appears to be in jeopardy.

While Piguet was said to spend all the holidays with his children, now the idea is that the former player doesn’t have that license in the wake of Shakira’s trip.

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In fact, journalists say, Milan and Sasha will return to their mother’s arms on June 19.

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