are you looking for a job? Tesla launches Home Office mode job offer and no college degree required | News from Mexico

Mexico: Tesla in Mexico hasn’t stopped hiring since its announcement, whether for its upcoming giant factory in Monterrey or to bolster its team across the country.

On this occasion, the company was led by Elon Musk It launched new job opportunities in the manner of telecommuting or home office, without necessarily having a college degreeAs long as you have the relevant experience for the position.

What is the available vacancy?

data analyst

The company is looking for a candidate for the position of Data Analyst. in this role, You will have the responsibility of analyzing and visualizing data in order to contribute to the successful launch and growth of various programmesallowing the company to make better decisions.

In particular, he will be a leader in ensuring that the large supply chain data sets we have used are used effectively by the global supply management team.”

The tasks assigned to this position are varied and require a tireless approach. Among the activities to be carried out:

  • Produce detailed reports and create data visualizations in order to guide decision making throughout the supply chain team.
  • Respond quickly, accurately and efficiently to data requests and questions that may arise.
  • Provide supply chain support with master data updates when necessary.
  • Ensure data integrity, including identifying and obtaining missing information.
  • Communicate results effectively to people at various levels within the company, from senior executives to engineers.
  • Proactive detection of potential inconsistencies in data through visualizations and statistical testing.
  • Continue to improve skills in SQL and Python, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and increase your efficiency.
  • Foster an attitude of experimentation and quick learning, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and knowledge acquisition.
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What are the requirements?

The requirements for this position are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in a field related to quantitative analysis is required, or failing that, demonstrate exceptional deductive skills.
  2. Be an expert in data analysis, visualization, and communication, with previous full-time work experience preferred.
  3. Have experience creating dashboards and visualizations using tools such as Tableau or other similar software.
  4. Detail-oriented and thorough, with an uncompromising attitude to identify problems and cracks in a system.
  5. Advanced command of MS Excel, SQL and Python. Knowledge of data visualization software such as Tableau and PowerBi is particularly appreciated.
  6. Experience in supply chain management and manufacturing software would be beneficial in this role.
  7. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment typical of a technology startup, and demonstrated ability to obtain excellent results.
  8. Possesses strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders.
  9. Experience in sourcing, MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and compliance systems would be an added advantage.
  10. Broad proficiency in supply chain automation and analytics.

If you meet the above requirements, You can apply through this link:

With information from the millennium.

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